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#Thenewchange: Fundraising in a post-COVID-19 world

Alongside our joint resource, ‘From Response to Recovery: Fundraising strategy and COVID-19’, Myles Bremner takes a look at what the new normal means for charities and fundraisers.

‘After falling down a snake, it only takes one ladder to rise you back up'

James Davis explains how this period of uncertainty has been particularly difficult as a fundraiser working on a contract.

‘It has been important to use my skills and professional expertise in my voluntary roles’

Dan Fletcher reflects back on his experiences as a volunteer with the Chartered Institute and talks about how it allowed him to build a network of fundraising colleagues, work with great people in the...

‘It’s been a real pleasure to work alongside some of the best fundraisers in the world’

As part of Volunteers’ Week, Amy Sweeting, Co-Chair of the Major Donor group and member of the Convention Board, looks at what volunteering has meant for her in her career as a fundraiser, including h...

‘Muslim charitable giving in the COVID-19 era must mean giving smartly’

Fadi Itani, Chief Executive Officer of the Muslim Charities Forum, reflects on another quite different Ramadan, how Muslim-led charities have fared over the COVID-19 era and why a safer giving campaig...

‘Opportunities abound in the face of adversity’

Alongside our joint resource, From Response to Recovery: Fundraising strategy and COVID-19, Arani Mylvaganam says in this blog that doing the right research now will shape informed strategy.

‘The Certificate in Fundraising helped me find a career in arts fundraising I love’

Sophie Harvey was awarded a RAISE bursary to undertake the Certificate in Fundraising. She explains what she learnt from the qualification, and how it helped her find a career she loves.

‘The Future Leaders Programme has given me huge confidence in my capabilities’

Jack Schofield who recently took part in the Future Leaders Programme explains why the course is so valuable to him, and why leadership skills are even more important during times of crises.

‘Volunteering has connected me with wonderful people from within the fundraising community’

Emma-Louise Singh, a Chartered Institute Trustee, said volunteering helped her connect with a group of like-minded fundraisers who have been incredibly important to her, particularly over the last yea...

‘Volunteers are the boots on the ground of the Chartered Institute’

This Volunteers’ Week, Trustee Nadine Campbell explains how she has found volunteering incredibly rewarding, and says that volunteers are the “boots on the ground” at the Chartered Institute of Fundra...

2020: The year the rubbish bin went out more than fundraisers

As England goes into another lockdown, Shelter's Andy Harris says that the fundraising world was shifting long before the pandemic hit and explains what they’ve been doing to keep spirits high.

4 tips to prepare for a video interview

Part of our range of guidance and support for fundraisers who are currently unemployed or in need of redundancy support.

5 ways the coronavirus is changing the legacy market and what this means for charities

Rob Cope, Director of Remember A Charity, looks at how the coronavirus outbreak is having an impact on the legacy market and what the future holds for this type of fundraising.

5 ways to protect your fundraising income during the coronavirus pandemic

Scott Gray from Rapidata offers some advice in this blog on how you can help protect your fundraised income during this time of uncertainty.

6 stage plan to cope with redundancy

Part of our range of guidance and support for fundraisers who are currently unemployed or in need of redundancy support.

A chance to learn from the wider sector

As a sole fundraiser, meeting other fundraisers and sharing commonalities and challenges is so important. And as an arts and culture fundraiser, adapting fundraising techniques and showcasing creative...

A dispatch from the face-to-face fundraising coalface

In this blog, Dominic Will, Managing Director of PFS, says that as fundraisers once again take to the streets there has been a sense of optimism around the future of face-to-face fundraising.

A message from our Interim CEO

A message from Dhivya O'Connor, Interim Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising

A new age for video fundraising

Former Chair of NCVO and founder of Your Big Day, explains in this blog why video fundraising could help stop some of the funding gaps that have emerged as a result of the pandemic.

A new Code of Fundraising Practice: what you need to know (and do)

As the Fundraising Regulator today publishes its newest version of the Code of Fundraising Practice, Sam Boyle, IoF Policy and Information Officer, looks at what fundraisers need to do next.