Civil Society Futures

16 October 2019
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Reflections on fundraising's role and contribution

What do the outcomes of the Civil Society Futures inquiry mean for fundraising?

Civil Society Futures set all of us a challenge: to think about what we need to do to rise to the current and future issues and changes that we – both as a sector and society – will face so that we can make the greatest contribution in responding to the fundamental questions of our time.

Under the leadership of Julia Unwin, the inquiry looked at what civil society can do to work towards ‘reviving our dented democracy rebuilding our social fabric and enabling us to address the great challenges of climate change and environmental degradation.’ It asked all in civil society to commit to changing and behaving differently in the areas of Power, Accountability, Connection, and Trust – a ‘shared PACT’ as set out in Civil Society Futures.

Since the publication of the inquiry, to which the Chartered Institute of Fundraising submitted thoughts and ideas, we’ve been thinking a lot about what it means for fundraising, and fundraising charities. We were delighted to host a roundtable in the early summer, bringing together a group of fundraisers with Julia Unwin to start the conversation about how fundraising can respond – how we need to behave differently, and what values and behaviours will bring us closer to where we have to be.

Looking at power, accountability, connection, and trust in turn we pose some of the ideas and questions that fundraisers and fundraising charities might want to consider. Similar to the inquiry, it is not a list of actions to take or recommendations to adopt, but a starting point for the conversations we need to have.

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