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As a sector, we have anecdotal evidence about what the average person on the street thinks about us, and ideas about public opinion from research on trust in charities. But what about the statements that people associate with the fundraising profession? What do they think your job entails and requires? Is fundraising seen as an attractive career, and if not why not?

This new research looks at how the general public perceives fundraising, based on polling conducted by YouGov and supported by TPP Recruitment and CHRN. The series looks particularly at whether age, race, religion, disability, or gender make a difference to how fundraising is seen and understood by different people. The insights will inform our work promoting the fundraising profession and support the objectives of the #ChangeCollective.

The first instalment in the two-part series explores responses to those big-picture questions about the profession around knowledge, positivity and perceptions.

The second instalment takes a deeper dive into the public’s thoughts on fundraising as a career, touching on why people would be interested in working in fundraising and what qualities would help them do so.

We want everyone to benefit from all the data we obtained from the YouGov data tables and full report. Please see below for links to both:

Public Perception – full Data Tables of questions and results 

Perceptions of Fundraising – full research report by YouGov   

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