Report shows year on year improvement in public fundraising

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A report from the Chartered Institute of Fundraising ‘Achieving excellence in public fundraising’, released in December 2018 shows continued improvements in the standards of public fundraising.

The Chartered Institute of Fundraising (known as IoF at time of publication) has been coordinating an effective system for charities and agencies in public fundraising which includes mystery shopping programmes, joint work with local councils across the UK, and a new self-certification programme to facilitate and improve excellent fundraising

The report shows that last year 864,500 people signed up to give a direct debit following a conversation with a public fundraiser, raising millions of pounds for good causes. It also shows that standards in fundraising are improving year on year and reflects how the work of the IoF and its members delivers contributes to a system of excellent fundraising in the UK.

Key findings from the research include:

Dominic Will, IoF Trustee and joint Managing Director of HOME Fundraising:

Connecting supporters with the causes they care about is something the public fundraising community is immensely proud of. With over 800,000 people signing up to give a monthly gift and millions of positive interactions generated through Face-to-Face and telephone-led campaigns, it’s a reminder of the ongoing importance and significance of the dialogue channels. In a changing environment there remains much to do to support best practice and innovation, however I’m pleased to see the research reflect the ongoing work the IoF and the fundraising community are doing to deliver excellent fundraising.

Alex Xavier, Director of Membership, Compliance and Professional Development said:

I’m delighted that across the sector progress is being made to deliver excellence in public fundraising. The positive impact being made through conversations at doors, on the street, private sites or by telephone cannot be underestimated, and I’m hugely encouraged at how charities and their partner agencies are challenging themselves to reach higher standards against the Code of Fundraising Practice whilst also delivering valuable funds for fantastic causes.

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