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As recognised through the award of Chartered Status, fundraising is a profession which has specific areas of knowledge, skills and behaviours attributed to it. These attributes, referred to as competencies and behaviours, are essential for fundraisers to deliver positive outcomes for the fantastic causes they serve. 

In order to both support existing fundraisers in the sector, as well as attract diverse talent into it - such as school-leavers and career changers - the Chartered Institute of Fundraising has developed a new Fundraising Competency Framework for the sector. 

Purpose of the framework

The framework can be used by existing fundraisers to benchmark their professional expertise against a uniformed set of standard so they can plan their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and can also be used by organisations to support workforce planning, recruitment and training. 

In addition, the framework is a ‘one stop shop’ for those interested in a career in fundraising so they can see exactly what kind of personal and professional development they can gain. 

Structure of the framework

The framework contains 3 core competencies and 3 core behaviours at its centre. Whilst fundraising is a broad profession, development and maintenance of these core competencies and behaviours is essential for everyone in the sector. The framework also contains an additional 7 competencies and 6 behaviours.  

In total, there are 10 competencies and 11 behaviours as follows: 




Using the framework

We will be developing specific resources and guidance to help individual fundraisers, organisational leaders and prospective fundraisers best utilise the framework. Please check back for these resources and guidance soon. 

Where to find CPD

The Chartered Institute has a vast range of CPD for fundraisers to undertake in order to develop and enhance their knowledge, skills and behaviours. This includes qualifications, short courses, events and resources.  

You can view our current CPD offer by clicking here

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